Part D Late-Enrollment Penalty

I got a call yesterday from a client who signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan three years ago.  He has had Part D as part of his Medicare Advantage plan for the last three years, but he just got a letter saying he must pay a premium from [...]

Having a Baby in Paris

I read an interesting article by a woman living in Paris. This American in Paris compares her experience having a baby in the French health care system to what she knows about the American system. Dispatches from the welfare state

Obamacare: Medicaid Expansion does not apply to people on Medicare.

Under Obamacare Medicaid is being expanded for people with incomes up to 133% of the federal poverty level.  But this expansion does not apply to people who have Medicare. There has been a lot of talk in the last few months about how Medicaid [...]

Medicare Advantage Winners and Losers

THIS ARTICLE IS FROM JANUARY 2014.  FOR THE 2015 NUMBERS FOR MEDICARE ADVANTAGE ENROLLMENT IN TUCSON,  CLICK HERE: I checked the Medicare Advantage enrollment numbers for Pima County after [...]

Obamacare: Hardship Exemption for Health Insurance Mandate

Some people will not face a penalty if they don’t get some type of health insurance in 2014.  From Exemptions from the payment Under certain circumstances, you won’t have to make the individual responsibility payment. [...]

Did you change your Part D plan for 2014?

Anyone who changed their Part D dug plan or their Medicare Advantage plan for 2014 needs to pay attention to a few things. 1)  Did you get your new id card for your plan?  If not, you need to call your broker or the insurance company to find [...]