Obamacare and Medicare

The word is starting to get out about Obamacare and the requirement that everyone sign up for health insurance through their state marketplace. I’ve gotten calls and email from clients who are on Medicare and are wondering if they need [...]

More Doctors are Participating in Medicare

The Department of Health and Human Services has issued a report on “Access to Physicians’ Services for Medicare Beneficiaries”, which shows that physician participation in Medicare is growing. Among the key points: The percentage [...]

Do you see the doctor or the Physician’s Assistant?

Are there enough primary care doctors in Tucson?  Do you see the doctor or the Physician’s Assistant?  In Arizona, Nurse Practitioners are not required to work under a physician.  Medicare may soon be encouraging the use of Nurse Practitioners [...]

Another Delay for Obamacare

An article in the New York Times today reports on another delay for Obamacare that affects group health plans. The change delays, for some group plans, the the limit on out-of-pocket costs until 2015. The Obamacare rule is that in 2014 no health [...]

Are Tucson doctors accepting new Medicare patients?

My primary care doctor is not accepting new patients, whether they are on Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or any health insurance.  But he is kind of old and his Physician Assistant takes new patients – but I don’t know how much longer [...]

Who gets help with Medicare premium and drug costs?

Low-income Medicare beneficiaries get help with their Medicare Part B premium and their prescription drug costs.  Income levels that qualify for help have been raised for 2013. Anyone on Medicare with monthly income below $1,313 (individual) [...]

Should you enroll in Medicare Part D?

If you are turning 65 and enrolling in Medicare, you still have some decisions to make.  Will you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan?  Or will you stay with Original Medicare and get a Medicare supplement to fill the gaps in Medicare?  And [...]

Can you keep your high-deductible plan?

A reader of this blog recently wrote that he has a high-deductible health insurance plan and he wants to keep it.  To keep his monthly premium low, he chose a $10,000 deductible. This means he pays 100% of his medical bills until they reach [...]

Working Past 65: Delayed Medicare Enrollment

People can delay enrollment in Medicare Part B if they are working beyond their 65th birthday or are covered by their spouse’s employer health insurance. But once they want to get their Medicare started there can be some confusion. Steps to [...]

How Medicare Works with Other Insurance

How does Medicare work with other insurance coverage, such as a group health plan from a former employer or union? This is an important question because it determines whether your medical bills are paid correctly and on time. Here is information [...]

24-Hour Hospital stay: $126,000 bill !

When you spend the night in the hospital, you would assume you had been “admitted” to the hospital – but you could be wrong.  And this definition of your status could cost you thousands of dollars if your Medicare Advantage plan has a [...]

Durable Medical Equipment: Read the contract!

Read the small print when signing for durable medical equipment.  If you don’t pay attention, it could cost you a lot of money. Not reading the small print is costing a client of mine $715.08 – and I don’t think this is right. Alana [...]

Preventive Screening Tests: How often are they covered?

Medicare now has a long list of preventive screenings that are covered at no cost to the patient.  But how often can you get these preventive screening tests?  The answer varies from test to test. I had a call today from a man who is new to [...]

Medicare: Colonoscopy Cost

Preventives screenings are covered by Medicare and they are covered by all health insurance plans as a result of Obamacare.  This means a person should have no co-pay and no deductible cost when getting a preventive screening test.  So what [...]

Find Doctors Who Accept Medicare

Medicare has a website available for people to look up doctors.  Below is a press release about the site. This site is for people looking to find doctors who accept Medicare, so it is for people who use their Medicare card when they see a doctor. If [...]

Medicare Home Health Services

An article by David Sayen, Medicare Regional Administrator: Medicare covers a variety of heath care services that you can receive in the comfort and privacy of your home. These include intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, speech-language [...]