Look Up Doctors Who Accept Medicare

Medicare has a website available for people to look up doctors.  Below is a press release about the site. This site is for people looking to find doctors who accept Medicare, so it is for people who use their Medicare card when they see a doctor. If [...]

The Obamacare Campagin

Yesterday, I attended a “house party” to watch a webcast about advertising, outreach, and education efforts to let people know about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), aka “obamacare”. There is lots of work to do according [...]

45.5 Million Americans Without Health Insurance in 2012

45.5 million Americans (14.7%) had no health insurance in 2012, according to a report by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). In Arizona, 20% of residents had no health insurance in 2012, according to the CDC survey. A California Healthline [...]

Do you need help with your Medicare choices?

Can a person turning 65 figure out her Medicare choices and options on her own?  Of course, the answer is “yes”, but …. Okay, this is a rather self-serving post, since I am an insurance broker – but two meetings this [...]

Inpatient or Outpatient? It Makes a Difference with Medicare.

I recently received an article from Medicare that explains the difference between being treated in a hospital as an “admitted” patient versus being treated as an “outpatient”. This article applies to people who use their [...]

What is AHCCCS? (pronounced “access”)

AHCCCS is Arizona’s Medicaid program. The Arizona Health Care Cost Contain System has been an innovative Medicaid program, despite the fact that Arizona was the last state in the union to participate in Medicaid.  In 1982, the Arizona [...]

Arizona will expand Medicaid under Obamacare

Arizona will expand its Medicaid program as part of Obamacare.  Arizona will receive about $1.5 billion of federal money each year from the Affordable Care Act, and hospitals throughout the state will chip in millions of dollars to fill out [...]

Obamacare and Medical Loss Ratio

What is “Medical Loss Ratio and why is this an important piece of Obamacare? Obamacare requires companies selling individual and small group health insurance to have at least an 80% Medical Loss Ratio (MLR).  Large group insurance must [...]

Medicare: Non-Participating doctors

What does it mean if a doctor is a “non-participating provider” for Medicare? Becky turned 65 recently. She has Medicare and a Medicare supplement, and she is looking for a primary care doctor. She called Desert Sage Internal Medicine [...]

Medicare Supplements: No changes coming

Medicare supplement Plan F fills all the gaps in Medicare, leaving a person with no co-pays for services covered by Medicare. Medicare pays its part of the bill and Plan F pays the deductibles and co-insurance.  There has been talk for some [...]