Medicare Advantage plan termination: guaranteed issue for Medigap

I wrote earlier today about the termination of the Any Any Any Medicare Advantage plan.  The 2,983 Medicare beneficiaries in Arizona who are losing their Advantage plan will have three options going forward: 1) Only Medicare – but beware They [...]

Universal “Any Any Any” Medicare Advantage termination

Medicare Advantage plans run by Universal Health Care, known in Arizona as the “Any Any Any” plan, are being shut down as of midnight Sunday, March 31st.  The insurance company that runs these Medicare Advantage plans has gone bankrupt [...]

Discount Drug Card vs Part D

I’ve recently received several calls from clients who asked me about a discount drug card they got, unsolicited, through the mail. I don’t know if this is the same card being promoted through the Pima County Health Department.  [...]

Did your Part D plan change for 2013?

I got a call yesterday from a client who was very upset about her Part D plan. She gets her medications by mail order and just received her first re-fill for 2013.  She was upset that she paid $12 for one drug and $24 for another. Both these [...]

Medicare Part D and Compounding Pharmacies

How do Part D plans work with compounding pharmacies? I have a client, Kate, who is turning 65 soon and uses a compounding pharmacy for her medications. Over the years, Kate realized that medications in hard pill form are not absorbed by her [...]

Lipitor has gone generic. Don’t get ripped off!

If anybody out there is taking Lipitor, they  need to get their doctor to write a prescription for Atorvastatin, which is the generic form of Lipitor. Yesterday, I got a call from a client who picked up her husband’s prescription at the [...]

Why is Part D so complicated?

Yesterday I met with a client who is turning 65 in June. He is a doctor, and this doctor was amazed by how complicated Medicare Part D drug coverage is. As I explained how Part D drug coverage works, the doctor asked, “Why is this so complicated?” [...]

Medicare Advantage, enrolling on-line. Beware!

At this time of year, people enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan cannot change their plan, or dis-enroll from their plan – unless they meet certain requirements such as: they are moving to a new state; they qualify for a chronic illness [...]

Medicare Advantage mayhem this fall?

Are big changes coming to Medicare Advantage? For an answer to that question we’ll have to wait until this fall when the details of 2014 Medicare Advantage plans are announced.  But a perfect storm of required payment cuts to Advantage [...]

Choosing a Medicare Advantage plan

How does a person pick a Medicare Advantage plan?  Is the hospital network the most important factor?  Is having the biggest network of doctors important?  Is the plan with the lowest co-pays for doctor visits and hospital stays the top choice?  [...]