Help with Medicare Costs

There are two ways to apply for help with Medicare costs and prescription drugs. A person on Medicare can apply through the state Medicaid Program or go through Social Security. I recently helped a lady apply for help through the Social Security [...]

Social Security won’t talk to insurance agents?

An insurance agent was trying to help a senior citizen who was not sure if he gets help with his drug costs or his Medicare premium. The insurance agent, sitting with the senior, called Social Security (800-772-1213) and had the senior give [...]

Signs of a Stroke

A 70-year old man did not show up for work last week, so his employer called the man’s son to have him check on his dad. The son goes to his dad’s condo and cannot get in. The police are called and the son is able to break into the [...]

Medicare and the Arizona State Retirement System

TUCSON, ARIZONA –  I got a call yesterday from a woman told me she will turn 65 at the end of March and needs to figure out her Medicare coverage. We talked for a few minutes and I remembered to ask her a very important question. “Are [...]

Medicare and Employer Health Plans Can Cause Confusion

Some companies still offer their retirees a company health plan that supplements Medicare. Many people over 65 are still working and can choose to use Medicare or stay with their employer’s health insurance. These options can get confusing, [...]