Medicare and Long-Term Care

Medicare does not cover long term care. I recently shared this information with relatives who are struggling to arrange care for their elderly parents. It is not unusual for people to misunderstand what Medicare covers and what it does not cover.  [...]

Smaller networks for under-65 health insurance and Medicare Advantage

I was just reading that Obamacare will likely lead to some health insurance choices with small networks. Apparently, the smaller the network of doctors and hospitals, the lower the cost to the insurance company, and thus lower premiums for consumers. [...]

Medicare Advantage Enrollment in Tucson

The recent Medicare Open Enrollment Period (Oct. 15 – Dec 7, 2012) did not result in major gains for any one Medicare Advantage plan in Tucson or Pima County. CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) posts Medicare Advantage enrollment [...]

How Medicare works with other insurance

How does Medicare work with other insurance coverage, such as a group health plan from a former employer or union? This is an important question because it determines whether your medical bills are paid correctly and on time. Here is information [...]

Some Social Security disability conditions get priority treatment

Social Security identifies 200 serious health conditions that receive Compassionate Allowances when people apply for Social Security disability benefits.    The Compassionate Allowances program fast-tracks disability decisions to ensure that [...]

Fiscal Cliff bill funds Medicare QI-1 program for 2013.

Happy New Year!  I read the bill the U.S. Senate passed on New Year’s eve, and it includes an extension of funding for the QI-1  program. The QI-1 program pays the Medicare Part B premium for people with monthly income below $1,277 [...]