Medicare premiums: How much should you pay?

The Medicare Part B monthly premium will be $104.90 in 2013. It really should be $400. The federal government is subsidizing most seniors by paying 75% of the cost of their Medicare Part B. This subsidy is what politicians are talking about [...]

Medicare premium help not yet renewed for 2013

Here we go again. I got an email today from Chris who wrote: I just received a letter from Arizona AHCCCS stating that the Medicare Savings Program has not been funded by the U.S. Congress and beginning Jan. 1, 2013, Part B premiums will no [...]

You can still drop your Medicare Advantage plan, but…..

I got a call on Monday, December 10th from Bob, who said he needs to change his Medicare Advantage plan. He said he has a problem with  his current Medicare Advantage (MA) plan and wants to move to another MA plan. He said he knows the December [...]

Medicare cost increases for 2013. Help is available.

Social Security payments will increase 1.7% in January 2013. That means an additional $17 for a person whose monthly Social Security check is $1,000. 1.7% of $2,000 is $34. So this is a modest increase for people living solely on Social Security [...]

Medicare Advantage change? New referrals needed.

During the Medicare Open Enrollment Period that just ended on December 7th, many people changed from one Medicare Advantage (MA) plan to another.  Some changed because their doctors were no longer accepting their old MA plan. Some changed because [...]

Medicare Open Enrollment ends this Friday, Dec. 7

Anyone who is already on Medicare and wants to join or change a Medicare Advantage plan, or a Part D plan, must do so by this Friday, December 7th. If you are happy with your current Medicare coverage, you don’t have to do anything. Your [...]