How will Obamacare affect Medicare Advantage?

I have lost track of the number of clients who have asked me how Obamacare will affect their Medicare Advantage plan. They saw so many advertisements during the election campaign about how millions of seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage [...]

Top Ten Ways to Pick Your Medicare Coverage

How do you pick your Medicare coverage? There are so many choices, it can be overwhelming. Will you choose to stay with Medicare and get a Medicare Supplement? Then you’ll need a stand-alone Part D plan. If you think Medicare Advantage [...]

Medicare Part D: Should you pick a plan with a deductible?

Should you choose a Part D plan with a deductible? Most clients’ eyes glaze over as I explain how the deductible works.  And I’ve gotten calls from clients who forgot about the deductible in their Part D plan and wondered why they [...]

Medicare Advantage Matchmaking

Helping someone pick a Medicare Advantage is kind of like matchmaking.  Does a plan’s doctor network match the client’s doctor list? Does the plan’s drug coverage match the client’s prescriptions? Seniors in Tucson are [...]

Health insurance companies are worried about Romney victory.

Health insurance company CEOs are nervous about the idea of Mitt Romney winning the election, according to an article in  LifeHealthPro, an insurance industry newsletter. Insurance company executives are worried about Romney’s  pledge [...]