Health Care: A Growth Industry

With all the debate and uncertainty surrounding health care in the United States, you would think this would not be a growth industry. You would be wrong. “Compared to the rest of the economy, health care seems to exist in an alternate [...]

Medicare Advantage Complaint

If a person is not happy with the service he receives from his Medicare Advantage plan, he can make a complaint.  This is called a “grievance”. I had a client call me last week with a complaint about his Advantage plan and the process [...]

Is there a future for Medicare Advantage under Obamacare?

The Affordable Care Act cuts payments to Medicare Advantage plans, which may cause some companies to get out of the business. Mitt Romney says 4 million seniors will lose their Advantage plans due to these cuts. I keep saying that insurance [...]

Romney’s Medicare Plan

When you see a politician on television, do you want to talk back to him? This is my “talkback” to Mitt Romney’s presentation on Medicare: [tnivideo caption=”Talkback to Romney” credit=”Politico/Youtube”][/tnivideo]

Mitt Romney likes Medicare Advantage

Yesterday, Mitt Romney did his white board presentation comparing President Obama’s plans for Medicare to his own. Romney painted a bleak picture of Medicare under Obama, and offered his own vision for the program that provides health [...]

Medicare Cuts Under Obamacare

“Obama cuts $716 billion from Medicare!” That’s what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan say. “Obamacare saves Medicare $716 billion!”, according to Democrats. Who is right, and where do these cuts/savings come from?  According [...]

Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan

What is the Paul Ryan plan for Medicare?  1) Limit government responsibility for the cost of Medicare;  2) Make people covered by Medicare pay more of their health care costs;  3) Hand Medicare over to insurance companies. 1) The Ryan plan [...]

Update on Medicare mistake and disabled Tucsonan

About a month ago, I wrote about a Medicare mistake that created a big problem for a Tucsonan.  Here’s an update on that situtation. The mistake was actually made at Social Security since this is the agency that processes enrollments [...]

Enrolling in Medicare

The other day I met with a new client who is turning 65 in November, just over two months from now. One of the first questions I asked him was, “Do you have your Medicare card?”.  His answer was, “no”.  With this bit [...]

Medicare: Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Health Care

More from the March 2012 report by MedPac (Medicare Payment Advisory Council): Skilled Nursing Facilities In 2010, more than 15,000 Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) furnished covered care to almost 1.7 million  fee-for-service [Medicare] [...]

Doctors and Medicare

More from the March 2012 Medicare Payment Advisory Council (MedPac) report In 2010, fee-for-service (FFS) Medicare spent about $62 billion under the physician fee schedule for physician and other health professional services. Approximately [...]

Obamacare: No more co-pay for preventive services

Earlier this week I went for my annual “wellness exam” with my primary care doctor. I am in the health insurance business, I have very good health insurance, and I did not know if I needed to pay the $15 co-pay for the office visit. [...]