Hospitals and Medicare

The Medicare Payment Advisory Council (MedPac) is made up of experts who study all the details of Medicare. Each year MedPac presents a report to Congress on Medicare that includes recommendations for changes to the program. Here is information [...]

You can appeal Medicare and Medicare Advantage decisions.

Here is an article by David Sayen, Medicare’s regional administrator for Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada. As a person with Medicare, you have certain rights and protections. And it’s worth knowing what they are. You have rights whether [...]

Part D and Lipitor: the cost for Medicare and seniors

When I wrote about Lipitor generic costs recently, I got some interesting emails. One was from Marian in Phoenix who questioned why she couldn’t get the generic through her Part D plan. Another was from an organization called Pharmacists [...]

Lipitor generic available. Is your Part D plan saving you money?

Have you moved from Lipitor to its generic, Atorvastatin? Until June, many Part D plans (and employer plans) did not allow people to get the generic. Since June 1, things have changed and the price for Atorvastatin has dropped from over $100 [...]

Lipitor has gone generic. Or has it?

I recently wrote about the generic replacement for Lipitor and the large pricing discrepancy among Part D plans for Atorvastatin.  One Part D plan charges an $8 co-pay for Atorvastatin while most other plans charge $43 or more. The retail value [...]

Medicare Mistake: Big problem for Tucsonan

Donna got her Medicare card in January, and it said her coverage would begin on April 1st, 2012. She enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, saw her doctors, and had her prescriptions filled under Part D.  On July 5th, she received a letter [...]