Over 65? Enroll in Medicare Part B. Do not use COBRA!

I recently wrote about helping a number of people who continued working past 65 and were confused about enrolling in Part B of Medicare.  Apparently there is more confusion, and it has to do with people who use COBRA when they leave their job. Do [...]

Will 249,000 jobs be lost due to Obamacare?

“Obamacare is a job killer”. This is the theme of the latest ads being run against Ron Barber, the Arizona Democrat running to replace Gabby Giffords in Congress. They claim the health care reform bill will result in 249,000 jobs [...]

Who is Ron Barber and what are his positions?

After watching the first debate between Jesse Kelly and Ron Barber (and the guy with the very strong Massachusetts accent), I had lots of questions about Barber.  I already know more than enough about Jesse Kelly from 2010 – and I’m [...]

Where does Ron Barber stand on Obamacare?

In the first Arizona CD8 debate, Ron Barber  was vague about his support for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), so  I’ve prepared a list of provisions in the law that most Americans support (and one or two they don’t). In the [...]

Did Jesse Kelly endorse Obamacare?

In the recent Arizona 8th Congressional District debate, Republican Jesse Kelly came across as a moderate. When Kelly finished his list of what the American people need with regards to health insurance, I said to myself, “That sounds like [...]

Getting Medicare Part B after 65

In the last two weeks, I have talked to several people who delayed enrollment in Medicare Part B because they were working beyond their 65th birthday or were covered by their spouse’s employer health insurance. Every one of them was a [...]

Medicare Advantage: The doctor would like to visit.

I have been contacted by several clients who received phone calls from their Medicare Advantage plan saying the plan would like to send a doctor to their home to give them a physical exam.  My clients called me to ask if this was legitimate. [...]

Register for the “Do Not Call” list

I heard a story this week about a lady in her 80’s who received a phone call from Medicare – well, the caller said he was from Medicare. The caller was very pleasant and said he needed to update this senior’s Medicare information. [...]

Do you need Medicare Part B?

I have met two women in the last two months who told me they are over 65 and collecting Social Security – but they are not enrolled in Medicare Part B because they can’t afford it. Can’t afford it??? I told them both that, without Part [...]

More Jesse Kelly Lies About Medicare

Jesse Kelly, Republican candidate for Congress, has launched his latest campaign with a lie about Medicare. This lie is the one about how Obamacare cuts $500 billion from Medicare. It has been used over and over by Republicans, and it is untrue. For [...]