1996: Tucson Medicare Advantage plans were a model for Medicare’s future

Since 2006, Medicare Advantage plans have been overpaid, according to government studies. The Affordable Care Act requires Advantage plan payment cuts over several years. But now we learn that Medicare is paying bonuses to Advantage plans to [...]

Obama’s “Medicare Slush Fund”. How it helps people in Arizona.

A commenter on this site told me to look up “Obama’s $8.3 billion slush fund”, so I googled it. Lo and behold, there are lots of stories in the news with those words in the title.  Fox News, the New York Post, the Washington [...]

Top 10 Ways To Pick Your Medicare Coverage

I have been thinking about the way people get information about their Medicare choices – and how they make very important decisions concerning their Medicare coverage.  I decided to put together a tongue-in-cheek presentation, but it [...]

More lies about Medicare

I was having lunch today with another insurance broker, and she showed me an email she had received that had some frightening information about the future of Medicare….and it had to do with “Obamacare”.  Here is part of the [...]

Help with Medicare and Drug Costs

If a person is turning 65 and living on their Social Security benefits, they might qualify for help with the Medicare Part B premium ($99.90 per month) and their drug costs.  If a person applies for this help through the state of Arizona, there [...]

Medicare.gov Drug Coverage Mistakes

The Medicare.gov website has incorrect information about the cost of some drugs.  I was told this by an internal representative of a Medicare Advantage plan operating in Arizona. In preparation for a meeting with a client last week, I used [...]

Your Medicare Choices

If you are turning 65 in the next few months, you have choices to make concerning your Medicare coverage.  Do you think a Medicare Supplement will be better coverage? Will you consider enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan? If you’re [...]