What is lost if Obamacare is canceled?

The mandate to buy health insurance is the one thing everyone seems to know about Obamacare. Without the mandate, insurance companies cannot afford to offer coverage to everyone irrespective of their heath condition.  If the mandate is deemed [...]

Health Care Reform Preventive Services

Under health care refom, preventative services regulations require coverage for a broad category of preventive services, including: immunizations blood pressure and cholesterol screenings diabetes screening for hypertensive patients various [...]

The future of Medicare: Ryancare?

Yesterday, I was talking with a client who has a Medicare supplement Plan F and a stand-alone Part D plan.  Kathy was telling me how tough things are financially now that her husband, who is 70, got laid off from his job. Kathy and her husband [...]

Medicare, Social Security, and Retirement Hell

Many Americans are headed for retirement hell because they have saved too little for their  “golden years”. This is the conclusion of LIMRA, which used to be called the Life Insurance Marketing and Research Association. I read this [...]

Turning 65: Enrolling in Medicare

Every day, around 10,000 people turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare. Not everyone needs to enroll in Medicare because many will continue working and will be covered by their employer’s health insurance.  A person who works for a large [...]

Medicare Advantage: Beware of scams, but don’t miss out on help

I just got an email from my bank, Chase. It looks very fishy to me, so I will not be clicking the link and providing my account information.  The email can be found at the end of this post. A person should never respond to a request like this [...]

Make Medicare better, not worse

Medicare will undoubtedly be a big issue in the upcoming election, and proposals from both Republicans and Democrats include cutting benefits or pushing more costs onto seniors and disabled people.  The Center for Medicare Advocacy has a list [...]

Even with Medicare, can you afford health care?

A survey of 4,433 Americans 50 and over provides a picture of how health care and prescription costs are getting so expensive that many people can’t afford the care they need. The 2009 survey by Employee Benefit Research Institute found [...]

Health Insurance and Contraception in Arizona

Everybody’s been talking about contraception lately, and  I have a few questions. Is this debate about religious freedom?  Or is it about birth control being part of preventive care?  Or is the debate about some people’s desire [...]

New to Medicare: Important Medicare Choices

Over the last month I’ve been busy working with people who are getting their Medicare soon.  The majority of these folks are pretty healthy – and yet most of them are choosing to spend money to get themselves a Medicare supplement and a [...]