QI Medicare help is funded for 2012

The big news from Washington is the vote to approve the payroll tax extension through the end of 2012.  Also included in the bill is a provision to avoid  a 27% cut in pay for doctors serving Medicare patients. And within the bill, HR 3630 [...]

Medicare Help: Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

The following information was provided by Medicare’s Regional Administrator, David Sayen. Heart disease and stroke have reached epidemic levels in our country. Heart disease is the leading killer of Americans; stroke is the fourth leading [...]

Medicare and Means Testing

Seniors who have higher income will have to pay more for their Medicare.  This seems to be one part of the plan for putting Medicare on a stronger financial footing.  Here is what the National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare [...]

Extra Help for Medicare and Part D Drug Costs

Income limits for getting Medicare Part B premium help and extra help for drug costs have been increased for 2012. The federal poverty level is now set at $930.83 per month, so a person living on less than this amount qualifies for various assistance [...]

Medicare Advantage Enrollment in Phoenix and Maricopa County

In Maricopa County, 44% of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans.  There are 21 Medicare Advantage plans available in Maricopa county that include Part D drug coverage. The plans listed below have the largest number [...]

Medicare Advantage Enrollment in Tucson and Pima County

In Tucson and Pima County, competition is fierce among the four major players in the Medicare Advantage market. Medicare Advantage is popular among Pima County seniors, with 45% being enrolled in these private plans. TO SEE THE 2015 MEDICARE [...]

Medicare Advantage: Enrollment is still growing.

Enrollment in Medicare Advantage increased by over 1 million people from 2011 to 2012.  Medicare Advantage plans are run by insurance companies which are paid by Medicare to replace a person’s “Original Medicare”. These private [...]