Arizona will continue Medicare QI-1 program

This morning the AHCCCS (Arizona Medicaid) web site had no updated information on the QI-1 program funding.  (See posts from the last two days.)  This afternoon I checked the News and Updates section of the AHCCCS website, and there is good [...]

Medicare update: Washington acts. Nobody knows about it.

This morning I called the Pima Council on Aging (PCOA) to ask if they had heard anything about continued funding for the QI-1 program that pays peoples’ Medicare premium.  PCOA is aware of the letters sent by AHCCCS to 12,500 seniors [...]

QI-1 Medicare Help: Washington acts. Arizona hasn’t heard about it yet.

A reader of this blog alerted me to HR3765, which is the bill that extended the payroll tax until February 29th, 2012. This bill also includes continuation of block grants to states to fund the QI-1 program for Medicare.  I wrote about the [...]

Arizona seniors to lose Medicare premium help.

A client called today to tell me about a letter she received from AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System), which is Medicaid in Arizona.  Here’s what the letter, dated 12/22, says: You receive help paying your Medicare Part [...]

Who are Medicare beneficiaries?

A person who is covered by Medicare is known as a “Medicare beneficiary”.  I came across some interesting information about Medicare beneficiaries on the website. According to the Medicare Fact Sheet, 2010 data show [...]

A visit to Northern Ireland

After spending a day in Dublin to recover from jet lag, I took a train up to Belfast, Northern Ireland to see a younger friend, Siobhan (pronounced “shavaun”) and her husband and two kids.  Northern Ireland is part of the United [...]

A visit to Ireland

I’m away from the warmth and sunshine of Arizona to visit friends in Ireland, which is rainy, windy, and cold.  Brrrrrr.  I’ve been to Ireland many times before, so on this trip I’m asking questions about the health care [...]

Medicare Open Enrollment ends today… Or does it?

December 7th is the last day for most people to make changes to their Part D or Medicare Advantage coverage. However, CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) is giving some leeway in this date to organizations that help people with [...]

Medicare: Is that operation really necessary?

Medicare may start operating more like an insurance company by requiring prior authorization for expensive operations and procedures. Medicare has announced a test program to see how this might work, and it will focus on states where patterns [...]

The Selling of Health Care Reform (Obamacare)

On Wednesday of this week (November 30th) the Arizona  AARP held a town hall meeting in Tucson to talk about the Affordable Care Act. About 100 people heard a representative from the Department of Health and Human Services talk about a long [...]