Medicare Costs: How much can seniors afford to pay?

Can seniors afford to pay more of their health care costs?  Here is some interesting information from the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare: Going forward, Medicare beneficiaries are projected to lay out as much as [...]

Medicare Advantage: Changes for 2012

Most seniors seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage and Part D have already received mailings from their plans documenting how their coverage will change for 2012.  From what I have learned thus far, changes for plans in Arizona are not major, [...]

What’s in Medicare’s future?

UPDATED MAY 2013 THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN 2011, BUT ALL THESE CHANGES TO MEDICARE ARE STILL BEING DISCUSSED IN 2013. Here is a list of changes to Medicare that have been proposed by various interest groups. Raising the Age of Eligibility [...]

Healthcare Leadership Council: Raise Medicare age to 67 and charge seniors more

Yesterday afternoon, I received and email/newsletter from a very large insurance company that linked to a press release titled “Industry Seeks Savings from Medicare Beneficiaries”. Here are some excerpts from the press release and [...]

The future of Medicare: A surcharge if you buy Medigap coverage

People who buy a Medicare supplement to fill the gaps in Medicare (also known as Medigap insurance) go to the doctor too much. Therefore, people who buy Medigap insurance should pay a surcharge to Medicare because they are going to use the health [...]

Seniors: Are you Computer Savvy?

Here are a couple of seniors trying to figure out how to use some fancy dancy high-tech thing on their computer.  Actually, they’re trying to  figure out how to take a picture of themselves using the camera that is built into their computer [...]

Medicare surveillance teams on the look-out

Medicare surveillance teams are on the lookout for insurance agents who break the rules for marketing and selling Medicare Advantage and Part D plans. While the “surveillance teams” are gearing up for the upcoming annual election period [...]

Poll: Should people without insurance be denied treatment?

If a person without health insurance shows up at a hospital with a serious illness, should he get medical treatment he cannot pay for out of his own pocket? This question was posed to Representative Ron Paul during the CNN/Tea Party debate on [...]

Medicare: The fight against fraud

Each year criminals steal billions of dollars from Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). So what is the federal government doing to stop it? According to a recent press release from CMS (the Centers for Medicare [...]

Medicare and the Affordable Care Act: Good stuff for seniors

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) included a number of changes to Medicare that are already helping seniors and people with disabilities.  Medicare now covers more preventive services at no cost to the patient, including an annual wellness exam.  [...]

New Medicare Annual Election Period: October 15 – December 7

October 15th through December 7th are the new dates for the Annual Election Period (AEP) for Medicare beneficiaries. For people already enrolled in Medicare, this is the period when they can change their Part D drug plan or Medicare Advantage [...]

Arizona Ends Medical Expense Deduction Program

The networking site, “Linked-In” has several groups for insurance agents, and there were recently some posts about the Obamacare mandate requiring everyone to buy health insurance starting in 2014.  I offered my thoughts on health [...]