U.S. Healthcare: Why it’s so expensive

My primary care physician has three employees to handle phone calls, set appointments, and check in patients. Those are the front desk duties of the office staff, but there is much more:  Checking a person’s insurance coverage to determine [...]

Doctors not taking Medicare patients. True of False?

Have you heard that more and more doctors are dropping out of Medicare because they don’t get paid enough?  Is this fact or fiction?  It turns out that studies have been done to provide an answer to this question. The Medicare Payment [...]

Need help with Medicare costs? Move to Connecticut!

I’m in Connecticut visiting friends and family and enjoying the cool rain. A friend who is on Medicare was bemoaning her high drug costs and going into the donut hole, so I did a little research to see if she could qualify for help from [...]

Medicare: Can seniors afford to pay more?

Did you know… The average income of Medicare beneficiaries is less than $22,000 per year. Medicare beneficiaries already pay more out of pocket for health care than people without Medicare. Higher income people with Medicare already pay [...]

Medicare and Deficit Reduction: What changes might be coming?

Medicare dodged the bullet in the recent battle over deficit reduction, but the next fight will soon begin.  The agreement that was reached to raise the debt limit and avoid default by the U.S. government requires leaders of both parties to [...]

Medicare Voices: Can seniors afford to pay more?

Many of the Medicare beneficiaries I meet are struggling to pay their Medicare supplement premiums, Part D premiums and co-pays, or Medicare Advantage co-pays.  Is the solution to Medicare’s budget problem going to require seniors to [...]

Medicare Voices: video

I’ve been talking to seniors about their thoughts on Medicare, the debate over making changes to the program, and what Medicare means to them. I thought it would be interesting to see and hear seniors talk about Medicare. [tnivideo caption=”Medicare [...]