Budget Woes: A short course

I wanted to share some excellent information I found on the budget, deficits, and more.  If the material goes by too quickly for you, you can go to the website and review the slides at your own pace. Whoever prepared this presentation certainly [...]

Deficits and Debt: Why we’re in the mess we’re in.

An article on Bloomberg.com summarized the financial mess we’re in very nicely and concisely. Interestingly, Medicare and Social Security are not mentioned as causes of the skyrocketing deficit and debt of the United States government. Below are [...]

Medicare’s Budget Problems: Part D

In 2010, Part D drug coverage made up 13.4% of the Medicare budget, or $68 billion. So even with seniors paying premiums for their Part D plans that ranged from $1o to $90 per month, Medicare still paid out $68 billion in 2010 to subsidize [...]

Changes to Medigap coming?

The  never-ending discussions on reducing government spending are targeting Medicare. Seniors must pay more for their medical care, or they will use the health care system too much. Several plans have been proposed to force seniors to pay more [...]

Seniors go to the doctor too much (continued)

An article in the Los Angeles Times looks at the question of making changes to Medicare that would require seniors to pay more of their medical costs. The article, “Raising Medicare Costs May Be Gaining Traction”, quotes various [...]

Medicare is too generous. Seniors take advantage.

Medicare does not require seniors to pay enough of their health care costs. Seniors go to the doctor too much.  Medicare supplement insurance makes these problems worse and contributes to out-of-control Medicare spending. These are the conclusions [...]

Do you have these symptoms?

Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder   [tnivideo caption=”Senior Issues” credit=”YouTube”]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6oHBG3ABUJU[/tnivideo]