Government-Run Hospitals in Early America

Excerpts from Sailors’ Health and National Wealth, Marine hospitals in the early republic Written by PhD student (at the time) Gautham Rao The United States’ approach to health care for maritime laborers built upon British and colonial [...]

Founding Fathers Mandated Government-Run Health Care

Where in the Constitution does it mention health care? This question has been asked by those who oppose the Affordable Care Act of 2010, which requires everyone to buy health insurance (with subsidies from the government) starting in 2014.  [...]

Clear Cut Choices for Medicare’s Future

A recent New York Time’s editorial highlighted the stark differences between the Republicans’ plans for Medicare and those of the Obama Administration. The editorial said: “The Democratic approach is mostly imbedded in the [...]

Poll: Do you Support The Republican Plan for Medicare?

Republicans in Congress voted last week to change Medicare to a voucher program, starting in 2022. People turning 67 in 2022 and beyond, would receive a voucher from the government which would be used to purchase health insurance. The health [...]

Why is Health Care So Expensive in America?

When Americans get a checkup from their doctor, they pay twice as much as people in Canada, France, and the Netherlands.  Prescription costs in the U.S. are double what the Dutch pay.  And having a baby in the U.S. is double the cost of giving [...]

FAQ on Health Care Reform from the AZ Dept. of Insurance

I came across a very informative web page with answers to frequently asked questions about what health care reform  means for people in Arizona.  The web page is part of website for the Arizona Department of Insurance. Given that the state [...]

To Whom Does the U.S. Owe Money?

Click this link to see an excellent pie chart showing sources of U.S. government borrowing – or to whom the U.S. government owes money.  If the government does not raise the debt ceiling, all payments that are due during the next payment [...]

How To Cut Medicare Costs: Part D

In 2008, Medicare spent $68.3 billion dollars on drugs purchased through Part D plans.  This is too much money! Seventy-five percent of the $68.3 billion was spent on brand name drugs like Lipitor, Plavix, and Nexium. Generics used to treat [...]

Medicare Co-pays Discourage Treatment

My shoulder has been aching for five months and is getting worse.  Luckily for me, I have good health insurance, so I got a referral for physical therapy.  The physical therapist did an evaluation and set up a schedule for me to see her twice [...]

Medicare Part D: Top Ten Drugs

In 2008, Medicare spent nearly $2.4 billion dollars on Lipitor and over $2.3 billion on Plavix. Medicare tracks how much money is spent on drugs purchased through Part D drug plans, and the chart below is from the Medicare website. Drug Name Drug [...]

Medicare and the Budget

Kaiser Family Foundation ( has lots of information on Medicare and health care in general.  It’s a great place to find data and analysis on Medicare, Medicaid, and health care reform. Here is what they have to say about Medicare: In [...]

Republicans will raise Medicare eligibility age to 67

Republicans have introduced their “Pathway to Prosperity”, a plan for slashing the federal budget by four trillions dollars over the next ten years. The Republican plan will end Medicare as we know it and create a new program in [...]

The Future of Medicare: Seniors must pay more.

A common theme among the many proposals to reduce Medicare spending is that seniors and the disabled must pay a larger portion of the cost of their health care. The theory is that when people have to pay more for medical services, they will [...]