More on “Arizona should not help people with their medical bills”

I recently wrote about Governor Brewer’s plan to cancel Arizona’s Medicaid program for people who have large medical bills and no health insurance. The program is one part of  AHCCCS (Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, [...]

Medicare and COBRA: Beware!

If a person is over 65 and leaves work or loses his job, he should not use COBRA, the federal law that allows people to keep their employer health insurance for 18 months after their employment ends. I recently heard from a woman who was very [...]

Why is Part D so Complicated?

Yesterday I wrote about Jerry, who moved to Tucson and was able to drop his Colorado Medicare Advantage plan and enroll in a Medicare supplement without answering any medical questions.  Because the move from Colorado to Arizona required Jerry [...]

Biggest U.S. Companies Pay No Federal Tax

I came across this article today and thought I’d share it.  I have seen other articles about how our tax system, with so many loopholes, benefits the biggest, richest corporations.  I recently wrote about this when I discovered that [...]

Medicare Advantage: What to do when you move.

Last week I met with a new client who recently moved to Arizona from Colorado.  Jerry was enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan in Colorado and was pleasantly surprised to discover that most Advantage plans in Tucson don’t have monthly premiums. Jerry [...]

Medicare Advantage: A Risky Business?

Some critics of Medicare Advantage point out that these Medicare replacement plans offered by insurance companies tend to enroll healthier seniors. Healthier seniors with lower medical costs would lead to higher profit margins for insurance [...]

Medicare and Budgets

Kaiser Family Foundation ( has lots of information on Medicare and health care in general.  It’s a great place to find data and analysis on Medicare, Medicaid, and health care reform. Here is what they have to say about Medicare: In [...]

Medicare and Budget Cuts

Here is a chart from that shows a breakdown of government spending.  Understanding the federal budget is important when we hear about where spending cuts will be targeted.   The only area being targeted so far is “Discretionary [...]

Where Does the Federal Government Get Its Money?

In between basketball games this weekend, I googled “federal spending charts” and came across a chart from Wikipedia that shows where the federal government got its revenue in 2010. The text is not real clear, so here is the breakout: GREEN: [...]

Arizona should not help people with their medical bills!

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer plans to cut out a program that comes to the rescue of people who have large medical bills they can’t pay – and I agree with her. The Arizona Republican recently reported: People in the so-called spend-down [...]

Medicare Drug Costs on the Rise

Prescription drug spending in the United States totaled $250 billion in 2009.  $78 billion of the total was spent by the federal government, or one of every three dollars.   During negotiations over health care reform, drug companies agreed [...]

Medicare Does not CoverLonger Term Care

Medicare does not cover long term care. I recently shared this information with relatives who are struggling to arrange care for their elderly parents. It is not unusual for people to misunderstand what Medicare covers and what it does not [...]

The Cost of Medicare

In 2008, Medicare spent $9,100, on average, for each Medicare beneficiary. Multiply that times the 46 million people enrolled in Medicare in 2008 for a total expenditure of $418 billion.   Kaiser Health News reported on a study of how much [...]