Good News From Medicare: Tucson Senior is Alive!

The Tucson senior whose Medicare record was incorrectly changed to “deceased” received good news yesterday.  He got a call from a Medicare representative to inform him that his record had been corrected.  I was very impressed that [...]

The Future of Medicare?

Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has given a lot of thought to the future of Medicare and how this program, which takes up 13% of the federal budget, should be shaped in the future.  Ryan is one of the Republican “Young Guns” [...]

Update on Senior Declared Dead by Social Security

I recently wrote about a Tucson senior whose Social Security record was incorrectly changed to “deceased”.  This man has talked to Social Security on the phone, met with them in person at the local office, and been assured that [...]

Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage

I received the following email yesterday and I thought I would post the question and my response here. “I am a female aged 75, widow. Since age 65, I have always had Plan J, AARP/United Health Care medigap/supplement insurance ($229 mo [...]

Health Net Amber Plan’s Big Changes Affect Thousands

Health Net’s Amber plan, a Medicare Advantage plan for low-income Medicare beneficiaries, is changing drastically for 2011.  I haven’t talked to one person enrolled in this plan who knew about the changes and understood that they [...]

Medicare Part D Drug Plan Mix-up

Thousands of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled Medicare Advantage plans and Part D drug plans that are being canceled or drastically changed for 2011.  Unless these people have carefully read the information sent to them by their plan, they [...]

Social Security to Local Senior: You’re Dead.

I met with a man who recently lost his wife to a long illness. He was still getting over his loss when he received a letter from his credit card company informing him that his card had been canceled.  He called the credit card company and [...]

Only Four More Weeks to Change Medicare Coverage

Medicare beneficiaries have until the end of December to make changes to their Medicare coverage if they are thinking about moving to another Medicare Advantage plan or stand-alone Part D drug plan.  Folks who have only Medicare and no supplement [...]

Help With Medicare and Drug Costs

Many seniors are struggling with health care costs and co-pays for their prescription drugs.  Many do not realize they can get help. If an individual has income of  less than $1,354 per month ($16,245 per year), or a couple’s income [...]