The Future of Medicare?

Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has given a lot of thought to the future of Medicare and how this program, which takes up 13% of the federal budget, should be shaped in the future.  Ryan is one of the Republican “Young Guns” [...]

Why I Hate Individual Health Insurance

I recently got phone calls about individual insurance from two  men who work for a small, family-owned construction company that is canceling its small group health insurance. With everybody in the company being over 50, a couple in their 60’s, [...]

Why I Hate Individual Health Insurance

As an insurance agent I work mostly with Medicare and I’m happy about that.  Medicare can be confusing because seniors have a number of choices to make about their coverage – but there are standards and, most importantly, nobody [...]

Medicare Advantage Plan Cancellations: Why?

“Obama promised,  ‘If you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance.’  He lied.”   I have seen these words over and over again in letters-to-the-editor and comments on websites, so I thought I would address [...]

Medicare Info Is In The Mail: Beware

Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage and Part D will be receiving important information from their plans before the end of the month.  All Advantage and Part D plans must send out their Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) before [...]

Medicare Plan Finder: Revised but Broken

If you want to do your own research into Medicare Advantage plans or Part D drug plans, you can use the website – but you’d better have some patience. The Medicare Plan Finder on has been re-designed and it’s [...]

Medicare and Insurance Agents

I have decided to write about insurance agents who work in the Medicare market because I have been critical of agents/brokers who seem more interested in making money than helping their clients.  There are insurance agents who swoop into Tucson [...]

Medicare Supplement Premium Increases: Uh, Oh

Someone seems to have gotten wind of big rate hikes coming for Medicare Supplement premiums. Nevada Senator Harry Reid announced, “We are hearing disturbing stories from beneficiaries across the country about excessive premium increases [...]

Medicare Advantage: Important Questions

Medicare Advantage shopping season is upon us.  Seniors have heard about major changes coming to Medicare Advantage and they are trying to figure out what to do about their Medicare Advantage plan for 2011.  I have attended training with each [...]

2011 Medicare Advantage Changes

Six months ago I was predicting big changes for Arizona Medicare Advantage plans in 2011.  I was wrong.  There will be very few changes to most of the Arizona Medicare Advantage plans in 2011. Most HMO plans still have $0 premium.  Co-pays [...]