Seniors, Social Security, and Poverty

The Center for American Progress addressed the issue of elderly poverty and seniors’ economic security in “The Not-So-Golden Years”: “Social Security is tremendously effective in helping seniors and their families stay out of poverty. [...]

Medicare Advantage Cancellation: Your Options

If your Medicare Advantage plan is cancelled, you have two options:  Change to another Advantage plan or return to Medicare and get a Medicare Supplement – with no questions asked. This is called “guaranteed issue”, and it [...]

Part D: Medicare Budget Buster

In 2003, President Bush and Congress created the Medicare Part D drug plan which began in 2006.  This added trillions of dollars to the Medicare budget without any way to pay for it.  Republicans are supposed to be the party of fiscal responsibility [...]

UnitedHealthcare Problem: an update

Last night I talked to Terry, the woman with the problem health insurance policy from UnitedHealthcare. (You can read the original story here.)  Terry told me her problem has not been completely resolved, but she was very optimistic about the [...]

Health Care Reform Begins Today

Today, September 23rd, 2010, is the day on which parts of the Affordable Care Act take effect.  As of today: Children up to age 26 can be kept on their parent’s employer health insurance. In Massachusetts this has been the law since Mitt [...]

Still Waiting on UnitedHealthcare; Another Un-insurable Woman; Health Care Reform Takes Effect

When you blog about big companies, they actually read it.  A UnitedHealthcare representative called me last week to say she had been told to look into Terry’s situation, the woman about whom I wrote last week. You can see that post here: [...]

Individual Health Insurance: No More Lifetime Limits?

The other day I wrote about Terry,  a woman with a health insurance policy from Pacificare that is being “converted” to a UnitedHealthcare policy because United took over Pacificare about five years ago.   The new policy is a [...]

UnitedHealthcare: Can They Get Away With That?

I received a call the other day from a woman who has a decent but expensive individual health insurance policy with Pacificare.  Pacificare was bought out by UnitedHealthcare a number of years ago and now Pacificare policies are being canceled [...]

Insurance Companies Blame Healthcare Reform for Rate Increases

The Secretary of Health and Human Services,Kathleen Sebelius, is not taking the blame for health insurance premium increases – and she’s warning insurance companies to stop lying about why they are raising premiums. Sebelius wrote [...]

Jesse Kelly: Misinformed on Medicare Advantage

“Giffords cut $500 billion from Medicare and Giffords eliminated Medicare Advantage, and now she is lying about…..” This quote from Jesse Kelly appeared in today’s Arizona Daily Star and I felt compelled to correct the [...]

Seniors Beware: Cold Calls from Insurance Agents

Insurance agents who make a living enrolling seniors in Medicare Advantage plans are gearing up for the Medicare Annual Election Period which runs from November 15th to December 31st.  This is the period during which seniors and younger Medicare [...]

Healthcare Reform Will Help Small Businesses and Employees

The RAND Corporation has simulated the effects of the Affordable Care Act to predict how and why health insurance markets are likely to change after 2014 when the law is in full effect.   The conclusion RAND researchers came to is that the [...]

Republicans Target Medicare and Social Security

Some Republican leaders are being very honest in revealing their plans for Medicare and Social Security. Three up-and-coming Republican leaders have written a book titled, Young Guns, about what they will do if their party regains control of [...]

State of Arizona Signs Up For Obamacare

Congratulations to Arizona! Our state government applied for and has been accepted to participate in the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program – which is part of the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”). The Early Retiree Reinsurance [...]

Affordable Care Act and Small Business Tax Credit

I have a client who owns a small company and provides health  insurance for his employees.  When I suggested he look into the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit, he said he was not aware of this program that is part of the Affordable Care [...]

Health Care Reform and the IRS

From the IRS web page : The Affordable Care Act was enacted on March 23, 2010. It contains some tax provisions that take effect this year and more that will be implemented during the next several years. The following is a list of provisions [...]