Medicare Expands Coverage For Tobacco-Related Counseling

A recent story from The Hill: The Obama administration on Wednesday expanded Medicare to cover more seniors hoping to kick their tobacco habits.   “Most Medicare beneficiaries want to quit their tobacco use,” Health and Human Services [...]

Health Law Changes Rules For Docs With In-House Imaging Machines

Here are excerpts from a Kaiser Health News article: ….Under the new health care overhaul law, doctors who refer Medicare and Medicaid patients to in-house imaging machines must disclose in writing that they own the equipment. They’ll [...]

Medicare and Healthcare Reform

I was talking to a client this weekend and she is clearly not a fan of “Obamacare”, as she called it.  As we talked, she raised several of her concerns about the future of Medicare and health care in general.  I thought it was interesting [...]

New Plans For Uninsured Off To Slow Start

From Kaiser Health News: Ruth Titus, a 59-year-old cook from Taos, N.M., leaped at the opportunity in July to sign up for health insurance under a new federally subsidized program for uninsured people with health problems. With her history [...]

Did You Know This About Medicare?

Saul Friedman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, often writes about Medicare.  I’ve provided excerpts here from a recent piece of his in which he introduces some information that was news to me.   For example, I have questioned why [...]

How Many People Stay in Their Job For the Health Insurance?

“How many people would quit their stinking job that they keep for the health insurance?”  I wrote this in yesterday’s post and as I re-read it I thought it might be a good question for readers of Do you [...]

Arizona Lawsuit Against Healthcare Reform

The East Valley Tribune reported: The Goldwater Institute filed a federal lawsuit Thursday to block national healthcare reform, arguing it violates the rights of a Tempe business owner, Arizona lawmakers and even members of Congress. The lead [...]

Medicare and Social Security Disability Insurance

Not everyone on Medicare is over 65. Since 1972, Medicare has provided health insurance to non-elderly adults with permanent disabilities who have received Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments for at least twenty-four months. A [...]

The End of Medicare Advantage?

Many people (myself included) have predicted the demise of Medicare Advantage.  The Health Care Reform law created a number of new rules for insurance companies that run these plans and profit from the billions of dollars they receive from [...]

The Business of Medicare: Humana Medicare Advantage Enrollment Rose 19%

Health Care reform has not slowed down insurance company Humana, a major player in the Medicare Advantage market. Humana’s first-quarter net income (profit) was $258.8 million, compared with $205.7 million a year earlier. Revenue rose [...]

Myths About Medicare

There is a lot of misinformation about Medicare on the internet, in the press, and in the minds of many seniors. Recently, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPac) produced  a data book on Medicare spending which offers numbers and [...]