Medicare Advantage Enrollment in Pima County: Nearly 50%

When Medicare cuts payments to Medicare Advantage plans, 11.5 million people around the country will see “their Medicare” change. This represents 25% of all Medicare beneficiaries. I recently came across a page on the Medicare website that [...]

How good are Arizona Medicare Advantage Plans?

The Health Care Reform Law will be cutting payments to Medicare Advantage plans, but some plans may actually get more money – if they are highly-rated, meaning they are the best of the best when it comes to patient care, illness prevention, [...]

Medicare Advantage: No Cuts in Election Year

Medicare Advantage plans will not face big payment cuts until 2012.  Under the health care reform bill, Advantage plans will get the same payments in 2011 as they received in 2010.  Medicare Advantage plans for 2011 have seen few changes [...]

Women Who are Uninsured

I hit the trifecta this week by meeting three women who will turn 65 in July.  All three of them told me they have not had health insurance for many years. They are thrilled to be turning 65 so they can get on Medicare. Linda told me that she [...]

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (Jan. – March): Gone in 2011

Medicare Advantage members will have only one chance to change their Advantage plan later this year, between November 15th and December 31st. After January 1, they will be locked into their Advantage plan for 2011 unless they decide to dis-enroll [...]

Medicare, Mayo Clinic, and Misinformation

A recent post by Compound Captive on (April 15th) was a good example of the misinformation that is out there concerning the Health Care Reform Law and Medicare in general. Included in the post were several claims about Medicare [...]

Health Care Reform Law and Long Term Care

The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act is part of the Health Care Reform Law that was passed in March. Taxpayers can choose to pay into the program, and after contributing for five years, participants who are disabled [...]

Will Doctors Face Medicare Cuts?

Every year, doctors face cuts to their Medicare payments.  This week, Medicare fees are supposed to be cut by 21%, and doctors are once again threatening to refuse to treat Medicare beneficiaries. Apparently, in 1997, Congress passed a law [...]

New Medicare Supplement in AZ: Plan N

Beginning in June, new “modernized” Medicare supplement plans will be sold, including two new plans, M and N.  In Arizona, insurance companies don’t seem interested in Plan M, but they are offering Plan N.  Plan N is an interesting [...]

Can You Change Your Medicare Advantage Plan During “Lock-In”?

Open Enrollment for Medicare Advantage plans has ended, and most people are locked into their plan for the rest of the year.  But there are exceptions for people with certain chronic illnesses or low income subsidies. CareMore has Medicare [...]