European Socialized Medicine

Here is some interesting reading about the myth of “socialized medicine” which those awful European governments impose on their people.  By Trudy Rubin Philadelphia Inquirer Opinion Columnist One of the most bewildering aspects [...]

Sen Kyl: Health Insurance Consumers Know Better than Washington

During Thursday’s heath care summit, Senator Kyl said he believes consumers are better able to make choices about their health insurance than Washington.  Senator Kyl doesn’t like the idea of a Washington bureaucrat setting standards [...]

Enrolling in Medicare: Don’t forget!

You don’t automatically get your Medicare coverage unless you are receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement payments.  I’ve recently talked to four people who did not know they had to sign up for Part B before their 65th [...]

Ronald Reagan on Medicare

In 1962 Ronald Reagan was a spokesman for groups opposed to the introduction of Medicare.  Socialism and the loss of personal freedom were the battlecry of the opposition to Medicare.  A Medicare bill was defeated in 1962. Click on the video [...]

Republican Attacks on Medicare and Social Security

Here are excerpts from a recent article I read about a Republican bill that would make major changes to Medicare and Social Security. This is part of the Republican “Roadmap for America’s Future”, which they hope will work as well for [...]

Medicare Advantage Enrollment: Winners and Losers

And the winners are…..CareMore and Humana.  Thousands of Medicare beneficiaries in Pima County changed their Medicare Advantage plans in January and they still have February and March to make a switch.  CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid [...]

Sen. McCain vs. Your Vitamin Supplements

Senator John McCain has proposed the Dietary Supplement Safety Act, S. 3002,  that would give the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) the power to restrict the sale of vitamin supplements, minerals, and herbs.  This bill would repeal key provisions [...]

How about a Health Care Tea Party?

I was at a social gathering last weekend and met a self-employed woman who dropped her individual health insurance when the premiums hit $600 per month.  I had lunch yesterday with a former co-worker who was layed off last year and is keeping [...]

Protecting Arizonans From Health Insurance

Arizonans for Health Care Freedom sent me an email to ask for support in their effort to protect Arizonans from government-run health insurance.  Here’s what they are telling our fellow citizens about how Washington wants to force health [...]

Your Medicare Choices

Medicare Advantage plans are agressively marketed by insurance companies such as Humana, Health Net and Secure Horizons, and nearly 40% of seniors in Tucson are enrolled in these plans. Medicare Supplements seem to be left out of the picture for [...]