Going back to Medicare

Quite a few seniors are giving up their Medicare Advantage plans and going back to Medicare.  This change can still be made before March 31st and here’s how it’s done.  People dropping Medicare Advantage should sign up for a Medicare [...]

You can still change your Medicare coverage.

Some people think they are locked into their Medicare Advantage plan for the rest of the year.  This is not the case because they can make one change to another plan up until March 31st.  Here are changes that can be made between January and [...]

Not Enough Doctors (except in Tucson)

There’s an article in today’s Arizona Republic about doctors in Yavapai County turning away Medicare patients.   The reason is said to be a combination of too few doctors and low Medicare payments. The interesting point for Tucson residents [...]

Staying Fit, Staying Healthy

Back in September, I wrote about free gym memberships that are part of many Medicare Advantage plans. Yesterday I had lunch at the Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club, which is one of the clubs seniors can join for free if they enroll in certain [...]

Healthcare Legislation and Medicare

When, or if, a final healthcare bill is passed in Washington, there will be changes involving Medicare that will help seniors and Medicare beneficiaries with high drug costs. The changes would take effect this year: Both the House and Senate [...]

People I’ve met: Dump your doctor

Harold and Lilo are in their eighties and came to America from Germany many years ago.  They had complained to me about having to wait an hour every time they had an appointment with their primary physician. I had suggested they find a new [...]

People I’ve met: Enrolling on-line

I didn’t actually meet the lady I am writing about today.  I talked to her on the phone when she called me for help after she enrolled on-line with Health Net’s Medicare Advantage plan near the end of December.   I give her [...]

People I’ve Met: Experimenting with Drugs

Joy is 89 years old and sharp as a tack.   She changed her Medicare Advantage plan last year and ran into some problems when the new company did not like the expensive blood pressure medication she was taking.  Joy had been taking Atacand [...]

People I’ve met: Lisinopril Dangers

Ray, who is 70 years old and has diabetes,  is generally happy with his Medicare Advantage plan, but not with his medications.  Ray told me how he had been prescribed Lisinopril, a generic drug, for his high blood pressure – and how it almost [...]