People I’ve met

Ever since the Medicare Annual Election Period kicked off on November 15th, I’ve been very busy talking to seniors about their Medicare coverage. Here are a few of the people I’ve met and their stories. Lydia is 80-years old and looks and [...]

January – March: One More Medicare Choice

During Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period, January – March, seniors enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans can drop their private plan and go back to Medicare.  This is one more choice seniors have concerning their Medicare coverage. I [...]

Medicare Advantage: ID Cards, Calls, and Confusion

Confusion is in the air as Medicare Advantage cards and calls are arriving this week. Seniors who have changed Medicare Advantage plans  may be in for some confusion when they receive an ID card from their current plan before they receive [...]

Medicare Advantage January – March: Clarification

A reader responded to my last post and accused me of misleading seniors about the timeframe for changing their Medicare coverage.  Here is some clarification. If a person is enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan which includes a drug plan (Part [...]

December 31st: Not Really the Medicare Deadline

If you can’t make up your mind about changing your Medicare Advantage plan or staying put, December 31st is not your deadline.  You still have January – March (Open Enrollment) to make one change. The December 31st deadline applies [...]

Why Democrats Hate Medicare Advantage

A recent report from Congress highlighted the reasons why Democrats hate Medicare Advantage. The study of Medicare Advantage plans’ revenues and expenses from 2005 to 2008 found that the average Medicare Advantage insurer spent over 15% [...]

Medicare Part D

In 2006, everyone on Medicare was told they should enroll in a Part D drug plan. This new benefit would be a big help to seniors who had no retirement plan that covered their prescriptions.  But instead of the government offering one plan for [...]

It’s time to make up your mind!

I’ve been busy talking with seniors about their Medicare coverage and their options for 2010.  There are a number of options and some people just can’t make up their mind!  I’ve moved a number of people from their Medicare [...]

Advantage Plan Cancellation: What to do

If your Medicare Advantage plan is cancelled, you have two options:  Change to another Advantage plan or return to Medicare and get a Medicare Supplement – with no questions asked. This is called “guaranteed issue”, and it [...]

Why is a MOOP important?

I often say that you don’t know how good (or bad) your insurance is until you get sick. As I’ve been talking to seniors about their Medicare Advantage plans recently, I have seen first-hand how true this is. A lady told me she paid [...]