That terrible Canadian Healthcare System

Recently, I was on a plane headed to Seattle and happened to sit next to two ladies from British Columbia, Canada. Being in the insurance business I had to ask these ladies to tell me about “the terrible healthcare system in Canada”. From [...]

Looking Back to 1996 and Tucson’s Medicare HMO’s

I recently Googled “Medicare Tucson” and came across an article in the New York Times from 1996 titled, “Tucson H.M.O.’s May Offer Model for Medicare’s Future”. According to the March 26, 1996 article, “Tucson’s health [...]

Enrollment in Medicare Advantage high in some states

September 2009: If Medicare Advantage plans impose higher premiums and higher co-payments for servcies, over 10 million Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in these plans will be affected.  In some states, the number of Medicare beneficiaries [...]