Medicare HMO’s in 1996: a model for savings

Tucson H.M.O.’s May Offer Model for Medicare’s Future Excerpts from a New York Times article from March 26, 1996 Partners for Seniors has expanded its pharmacy benefit!” a newspaper ad proclaims to Tucson’s big retirement [...]

Medicare Advantage and HR 3200

House bill 3200 does not stipulate “death panels” as some people have asserted.  But the bill does have a number of sections that would affect Medicare Advantage plans in 2011. Here are some examples of changes that would be legislated [...]

Medicare Advantage Under Attack?

  MEDICARE ADVANTAGE UNDER ATTACK When asked how Medicare can cut costs, President Obama has a standard response, and he uses it every time the question is asked.  He says overpayments to Medicare Advantage plans, or “subsidies to private [...]